Lady in Waiting Ring, Oval Purple Sapphire with Diamonds - Boutee
Lady in Waiting Ring, Oval Purple Sapphire with Diamonds - Boutee
Lady in Waiting Ring, Oval Purple Sapphire with Diamonds - Boutee

Kintaa Jewellery

Lady in Waiting Ring, Oval Purple Sapphire with Diamonds

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Kintaa Jewellery's 'Lady in Waiting' Purple Sapphire Engagement Ring

Introducing the 'Lady in Waiting' ring, a breathtaking creation from Kintaa Jewellery by independent designer Nazia Faiz. This engagement ring is a fusion of uniqueness and timeless elegance, perfect for those seeking a bespoke ring that tells a story of romance and royalty.

Key Features:

  • Gemstones: Centered with a 6mm oval purple sapphire, symbolising nobility, flanked by a crown-like cluster of three bright white diamonds (1-1.5mm each), adding a touch of sparkle.
  • Band: Crafted in solid 14k yellow gold, 1.2mm in width, with an option for rose gold to suit personal preferences.
  • Design: The asymmetrical design reimagines classic ring styles, resulting in a captivating and enduring piece.
  • Artisanship: Each ring is individually designed and handcrafted, with each gemstone meticulously set and polished using traditional techniques.
  • Quality Assurance: Rigorously checked at every production stage, ensuring perfection and adherence to high standards.

This ring is not just an accessory but a testament to a lifetime of love, making it an ideal choice for an engagement ring. Kintaa Jewellery, led by Nazia, is dedicated to crafting bespoke rings that are as unique as the stories they represent.

Each ring is a handmade masterpiece, ensuring that your piece will vary slightly from any other, adding to its exclusivity and charm.

For those in search of an engagement ring that embodies a fairytale romance, the 'Lady in Waiting' by Kintaa Jewellery offers a blend of vibrant colours, artisanal quality, and an independent spirit. To discuss customisation options or specific size requests, reach out to Nazia at Kintaa Jewellery for a truly personalised experience.

Kintaa Jewellery

Founded in 2022, Kintaa Jewellery was born from a passion to create jewellery that celebrates individuality and diversity. We offer an alternative to the typical and mass-produced jewellery on the market by combining stunning gemstones and perfect detailing to craft beautiful and bold pieces. Each piece is made with clear purpose, passion and minimal wastage.


Nazia Faiz

Raised in Sri Lanka, but living most of her adult life in London, Nazia aspired to find a way to connect the two places she loved. Inspired by her own unique gemstone ring, she developed a curiosity for fine jewellery and gemstones. With a varied professional background, she entered the industry fresh-faced and with the goal of doing things the right way, with her personal touch. Over the years, she refined her designs and brand to finally launch as the Kintaa Jewellery you see today. Every piece is exclusively designed by her, in London, with the sole purpose of making the wearer feel special, by celebrating their individuality and diversity. She is uncompromising in her approach to people, quality and sustainability and Kintaa’s values and her own, are one and the same. As a multi-ethnic woman, Nazia faced many challenges navigating both the corporate world and male-dominated jewellery industry, and she made a commitment to create something that would celebrate and honour people’s differences, instead of rewarding conformity. Her hope is that this will be it; not just with the jewellery she creates, but the Kintaa Jewellery brand and what it stands for.

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