LiGrain Drip Pendant - Boutee
LiGrain Drip Pendant - Boutee

J. Wells Jewels

LiGrain Drip Pendant

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LiGrain Drip Pendant by Independent Jeweller Jake Wells of J Wells Jewels

Discover the LiGrain Drip Pendant, an exquisite creation by Jake Wells, an independent jeweller based in Winchester and the creative mind behind J Wells Jewels. This pendant, with its unique wave pattern and paint drip termination, is a testament to Jake's deep connection to the natural world and his precision engineering background.

Key Features:

  • Design. Featuring a subtle wave pattern with a distinctive paint drip effect, this pendant captures the beauty of nature's forms and textures.
  • Inspiration. Jake's upbringing in the English countryside, surrounded by natural beauty, significantly influences his designs, infusing them with organic patterns and textures.
  • Background. With a career in spacecraft design, Jake brings a unique perspective to jewellery making, blending precision engineering with the artistry of natural materials.
  • Journey. J. Wells Jewels began as a passion project, evolving into a full-time endeavour as Jake returned to his Hampshire roots to dedicate himself to creating bespoke jewellery.
  • Craftsmanship. Each piece is meticulously made to order in Jake's Winchester workshop, ensuring personal attention and quality in every creation.
  • Presentation. The pendant comes with a light chain, perfect for everyday wear or special occasions.

The LiGrain Drip Pendant embodies the essence of J Wells Jewels, where Jake Wells's journey from the space industry to independent jewellery design is reflected in his innovative creations. This piece represents a fusion of Jake's passions and experiences, making it a unique addition to any jewellery collection.

Independent jeweller Jake Wells working at his bench

J. Wells Jewels

J. Wells Jewels started as a passion project by Jake Wells while he was working as a designer in the Space Industry. Jake’s designs are rooted in his love of the craft as he uses it to explore the different facets of his life and environment.
In 2021 Jake returned to his home in the Hampshire countryside to create Jewellery full-time.

Jake Wells independent jeweller profile photo

Jewellery Designer and Goldsmith

Jake Wells

Being a jewellery designer allows me to bring together my passion for the natural world and my experiences working as a design engineer in the space industry. Growing up in the English countryside, surrounded by the forms, textures and patterns of nature is a huge source of inspiration. Working on spacecrafts has grounded me in precision engineering and industrial processes that inform my desire to ‘play’ with natural materials. I am at my happiest and most creative when hand-crafting objects that experiment with making these two worlds collide.

Ariel view of a rainforest

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