Guide to Wedding Bands

Guide to Wedding Bands

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Rings have been synonymous with weddings since the times of Ancient Egyptians. Although usually relatively small and oftentimes understated, a wedding band is arguably the best example of jewellery’s value being far greater than its materials. Therefore, when choosing your bands, it’s important to consider a number of elements to ensure that the pieces you choose are as special as the bond you share with your future spouse.

Choosing a Material
When you think of a wedding ring, what springs to mind? Probably yellow gold! This material is a true classic for wedding bands, and it’s no wonder, but it’s not your only option. More and more people are opting for something a little different; choosing another option like silver, rose gold, white gold or even platinum for their bands. Some jewellers will even be able to incorporate more than one metal type for a two tone effect that creates something even more unique. Consider the karat of the material being used for your bands. Gold is a soft metal so you need to ensure the karat is going to be at a grade providing durability for everyday wear. 14 karat gold is a great option to get rich colour alongside durability.

Make it Unique
A wedding band is often a piece that is relatively plain and understated, but it doesn’t have to be! You can work with your goldsmith to design something utterly unique and intricate. You may even choose to have gemstones or diamonds set within the bands.

Pair with Other Rings
Something to consider when selecting your bands is that the wedding band will normally sit alongside an engagement ring. It’s important to consider the engagement ring when choosing your bands so that you can either match them, or tastefully contrast so that the rings pair as well as you and your betrothed.
The beauty of a classic gold band is in no way diminished as a result of its gender neutrality, but why not consider mixing it up and choosing slightly different rings to each reflect the individual? Consider having the band set with a stone or even engraved with a secret message? Perhaps even your wedding date.

Caring for your Wedding Band
Taking care of your wedding ring is important to keep it looking at its best. Avoid handling any harsh chemicals when wearing your ring and take it off before exercising. Each metal will need slightly different care so for more information, please see our Boutee guide to jewellery care.


Written by Hazel Garnham

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