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This depends entirely on the type/quality of materials and gemstones you want to use, as well as the complexity of the design. Pieces usually start from £500, but people usually spend at least £1000.

Yes - independent Jewellers can do more than you think!

If you have your ideas thought out already, we can match you up with a maker that can bring those plans to life. Alternatively, if you’re still unsure about what you want the final piece to look like, you can discuss it with any of our jewellers who will help you design the perfect piece.

This will depend on the jeweller, availability of materials and complexity of design. You can always make sure that the jeweller will be able to make it in your time frame before you contact them, but expect the process to take anywhere from 6-12 weeks.

This entirely depends on the design you want! The best thing you can do is tell a jeweller how much you’re willing to pay and the style you want, and they’ll tell you what materials/gemstones will fit your budget. The jeweller will always work with you to find the best design for your budget. However, the bigger your budget, the more design and gemstone options you’ll have available.

Buying Bespoke

You’ll be a part of the whole design process. the jeweller will initially work with you do develop some designs. You’ll pick which you like and then they’ll make it. The jeweller will keep you updated throughout the making process to make sure you’re happy with how the ring is progressing.

Yes, when you’re starting a project with an independent designer, the first step is always to create and agree on a design with them. Some jewellers will be happy to make adjustments to the design during the making process, in case you have a sudden change of heart. However, keep in mind that this will usually incur further cost.

1. Get matched with a jeweller on Boutee.

2. Work with them to create your perfect design that meets your requirements.

3. Once you sign off on a final design, you'll usually need to pay a deposit so that the jeweller can buy the necessary materials.

4. They’ll then get to work making your ring, and keep you updated throughout the process. When the ring is finished, you’ll pay the final outstanding amount.

5. The jeweller will then arrange delivery, or you can normally pick up in person if you wish.

No, the first step is always an informal hello to discuss your project. You’ve got no obligation to proceed with any designer. You may want to approach a couple and decide which one you want to proceed with after a chat. But try to only do this with a couple jewellers and the ones you are most likely to use - they’re very busy!

Jewellers can normally create designs which fit within your budget. You’ll need a minimum budget of about £500 if you want to get a bespoke ring, but anything less than £1000 and you’ll feel quite restricted. Past that point, as long as you’re willing to be flexible with materials, your designer will normally be able to design and make a ring which you help your customers to better understand your products or policies.


Absolutely, this is a great way to give them a new life and jewellers love to incorporate them into the design.

You always have a say in what gemstones and metal are used in your ring. Your designer will ask you for your preferences as part of the design consultation phase, and then produce a design which you love. However, be mindful that certain gemstones and metals can be very expensive - your budget will be the biggest restriction with regards to working out exactly what ring your jeweller can make for you.

All Boutee jewellers can work with any metals. Whether you’re looking for silver, yellow/white/rose gold or platinum, every designer on Boutee will be able to make it. It’s a common misconception that ‘Goldsmiths’ only work with gold, but they’re just as good with other metals - it’s just a job title!

Hopefully very involved! The design process is really fun. Our jewellers often say that working with a client to come up with new bespoke designs is one of the best parts of the job. You’ll discuss with them exactly what you’re looking for and you’ll come up with a design together. Remember, a jeweller will never create a ring design that hasn’t been signed off by you.


No, at the moment, Boutee doesn’t offer financing options.

Each designer has their own individual warranty and guarantee offers. If a warranty/guarantee is very important to you, we’ll make sure that we only match you with a designer who offers one.

All bespoke rings can be resized, and most can be altered, depending on the design. Some Boutee jewellers offer free ring resizing. If this is very important to you, let us know and we’ll only match you with a jeweller who offers it.

You may be asked to pay an upfront deposit (normally 50%) before the production begins, because the jeweller will need to buy the required materials. You’ll then pay the final outstanding amount before they send the ring to you.

However, the deposit may not be necessary, depending on price and availability of materials.

No, it isn’t possible to return a ring which has been made entirely bespoke for you.


Boutee is a platform that connects customers who are looking to buy a bespoke ring, to their ideal independent jeweller.

Boutee will match you with independent designers through the ‘find your perfect engagement ring designer’ quiz,or through your own discovery. Once you’ve been matched, you can start the process with an informal chat to discuss requirements and ideas. If you are happy with that jeweller, you’ll design the ring together, the jeweller will make it and in no time, you’ll have it on your (or your partners') finger!

Boutee takes a small percentage of the sale price out of the jeweller’s profits. This means that Boutee can be entirely free for customers, and jewellers only pay us when they make sales. Win-win! We’ve worked with our jewellers to make sure this model works for everyone.

Write content to help your There a number of reasons why you should buy from an independent jeweller, and we could talk about it for hours, but just to list a few:

To get a 100% personal service | Access to quality craftsmanship | You’ll talk to an expert | Discuss fully customisable designs | Transparent manufacture from start to finish | Receive quality aftercare | Have a unique, one-of-a-kind better understand your products or policies.

You get something wonderful and completely unique, and it normally costs the same as buying from a big brand. We think that if everybody knew how how easy and affordable it is to buy bespoke, everyone would do it!

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