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Proud to be Ethy Accredited

Ethy verifies the ethical and sustainability claims that businesses make. They developed their holistic sustainability standards with leading organisations such as Carbon Neutral Britain, Efeca, Edinburgh University Innovations, and Social Enterprise UK. Ethy's accreditations align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, helping consumers easily identify genuine sustainable brands

How is Boutee Climate-Positive?

Three key ways we're proactively creating a more environmentally-friendly jewellery industry.


Boutee carbon offsetting diagramBoutee carbon offsetting diagram


We are Carbon Negative

Boutee offsets 120x more carbon than it produces. We have always been carbon negative, and we promise to keep it that way.


Ariel view of a rainforest


We are Planting a Forest

We plant a tree in the Amazon for every sale, meaning every single delivery from Boutee is carbon neutral. Shop positive!


Independent jeweller at her workbench, making a bespoke engagement ring


We Support Jewellers

Carbon offsetting isn’t the solution to climate change. That’s why we’re also supporting jewellers in becoming more sustainable, and making a big deal about the ones that are.




Our mission is to create a climate-positive jewellery industry, and these measures are our first step in achieving that.

We promise to continue investing in new and ambitious solutions.

Have you got any ideas about new ways that Boutee and our independent jewellers could be more ethical, sustainable, and environmentally friendly? We'd love to hear them! Get in touch using the form below:

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