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We’re two brothers who want to make it really easy for people to find independent jewellers

Hello from Boutee! We're Billy and Ethan Ward, two brothers from East Sussex who are passionate about transforming the way people discover and buy jewellery. Growing up immersed in the industry, we saw firsthand the artistry of local jewellers and recognised a widespread issue: many people are unaware of the incredible talent right on their doorstep.

Research shows that an overwhelming 86% of people prefer the unique touch of independent jewellers to mass-market brands. However, finding these skilled artisans often feels like searching for a needle in a haystack, especially with giants like Pandora and Tiffany dominating the landscape. We wanted to change that.

Driven by a vision to make authentic craftsmanship accessible, we conceived Boutee during the final days of the last lockdown. We combined our skills to build something meaningful in our spare time. By the end of 2022, Boutee was more than an idea; it was a thriving platform.

Two years on, Boutee has grown beyond our wildest dreams, supporting a community of jewellers and delighting customers across the UK.

At Boutee, we believe everyone deserves to wear jewellery that tells a story, crafted with care and precision by true artisans. We are incredibly proud of the relationships we’ve built with our partnered jewellers and feel privileged to showcase their craftsmanship to the world.