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We like to call your engagement ring a Future Heirlooms. It will be treasured throughout your marriage and by your family that will remember the love it represents. We opened the shop in 2016. We wanted to transform the usual associations with High Street Jeweller’s by introducing unique jewellery ranges and designs you might only see online. If we can’t source the perfect item we will happily make it. Our engagement and wedding collection using modern and traditional jewellery techniques. We love to make bespoke and work with clients to design and make their dream ring. We use recycled gold, platinum mined, lab and alternative gemstones. We Give back to local and national charities as often as possible. We have one earth and we want to look after it.

Makes Bespoke Jewellery

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Bespoke Jewellery

Jenny makes all of her pieces along with her husband and Rebecca at her workshop in Edinburgh, and lots of her customers ask for bespoke pieces.


Founder and designer

Jenny Ross

I am a jeweller's wife. My husband Liam Ross is a bespoke jeweller in Edinburgh. We work together to bring Jenny Blossom designs to life. We use Liam's workshop in Edinburgh for the entire jewellery making process. Jenny Blossom is a pretty boutique with a workshop.
I love gemstones and diamonds. I myself wear a Lab grown diamond ttrilogy engagement ring. I love the trilogy representing past present and future together.
I believe all engagement rings come from falling in love with a main stone and building a design around that. I love gemstone searches to find the perfect shade or shape. I love to have my clients involved in the selection of their main diamond or gemstone.
We believe in making rings you can wear and wear and we will look after for a lifetime for you. Even timeless styles can have a tiny design feature that makes the ring unique.



Jenny and Rebecca created my engagement and wedding rings and a beautiful heirloom ring using my grandmother's engagement ring. They have been so helpful, patient and enthusiastic throughout the process and I will go to them for every piece I want to create in the future. Could not recommend enough!