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London | EST 2016

Ruddock Jewellery

Bold. Distinctive. Design-led. Ruddock pieces strike a balance between comfort and substance, offering feelings of reassurance and empowerment to the wearer. Designed as physical reminders of spaces in time. Committed to reducing waste and energy, pieces are cast in recycled metals in small batches, or to order. Proudly produced entirely in London.

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RuddockArlo Ring
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RuddockBig Nico Ring
Sale priceFrom £175.00
RuddockMara Dual Ring
Sale priceFrom £135.00
RuddockCeres Ring
Sale priceFrom £155.00
RuddockGemini Ring
Sale priceFrom £145.00
RuddockFrances Ring
Sale priceFrom £155.00
RuddockLozen Signet Ring
Sale priceFrom £175.00
RuddockLeyre Twist Ring
Sale priceFrom £125.00
RuddockArlo Signet Ring
Sale priceFrom £175.00
RuddockTangle Ring
Sale priceFrom £125.00
RuddockTex Signet Ring
Sale priceFrom £175.00
RuddockDallas Ring
Sale priceFrom £155.00

Bespoke at Ruddock

Sarah works with clients to design special one-off pieces.

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Jewellery Designer

Sarah Ruddock

Created by Sarah Ruddock, a fashion buyer turned jewellery designer, based in London.

With an affinity for simplicity and modernist sculptural forms, Sarah aspires to create interesting, timeless pieces with a fuss-free spirit.

Each piece is hand-crafted using the traditional technique of lost wax casting, by which Sarah hand-carves or sculpts each piece in wax form initially before being cast into metal. The result being a metal duplicate of the original wax piece.

Black and white photo of a female model with her back to the camera, wearing bespoke necklace and bespoke ring by Ruddock Jewellery

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Ruddock, an independent jeweller established in 2016 by Sarah Ruddock in London, captures our hearts with its bold, unique designs and unwavering dedication to sustainability. We love how each piece, be it bespoke engagement rings or sculptural pieces, is a tangible reminder of cherished moments, crafted with care in small batches or made-to-order to minimise waste and conserve energy. Sarah's use of recycled metals and the traditional lost wax casting technique adds to the allure, creating timeless pieces that embody a modernist aesthetic with an effortless vibe. As an independent jeweller, Ruddock stands out for its commitment to comfort, substance, and ethical practices, making each piece not just an accessory but a statement of empowerment. We're particularly drawn to their bespoke engagement rings, which are designed with a deep understanding of individual stories and sustainability at their core. It's this blend of innovative design, personal touch, and environmental responsibility that makes Ruddock a brand we not only love but are proud to showcase. Their dedication to producing interesting, sustainable jewellery entirely in London reflects our ethos and is why we believe Ruddock is truly special.