Workbench belonging to independent jeweller Samuel Waterhouse

Sheffield | EST 2014

Samuel Waterhouse

Samuel Waterhouse is an independent designer-maker. He creates contemporary pieces of jewellery which have original inspiration from antiquity. His pieces draw largely on ancient painting and pattern and are crafted via ancient jewellery making techniques.

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Bespoke Jewellery

Samuel makes all of his pieces to order at his workshop in Sheffield, and lots of his customers ask for bespoke pieces.

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Samuel Waterhouse

Samuel is a self-taught jeweller having been introduced to jewellery making whilst studying English Literature at the University of Manchester. He began to teach himself in 2014 and has been creating his own work ever since.

Samuel begins each piece of work by creating a specific alloy of gold. By creating these alloys Samuel is able to combine various colours of gold within a single piece in order to create effective pattern within his work, often oxidising/blackening the exposed silver components of a piece to create dramatic contrast.

Independent jeweller working metal at his workbench