Refer them to Boutee and we'll reward you with £200 if they buy a bespoke ring through us.

independent jeweller Issy White at her workbench making bespoke jewellery.

What is Boutee?

Dozens of Britain's best, award-winning, independent engagement ring designers are selling on Boutee. We use an algorithm to match people with the one that's perfect for them.

independent jeweller Samuel Waterhouse working at his jewellery bench in Sheffield.

Are you really going to pay me £200?

Yes - we want to spread the word about the fantastic independent jewellers we're partnered with. Just make sure the person you refer mentions your full name if they contact one of our jewellers.

What should I say?

Below is an example message you could send - feel free to copy and paste, or click the button to send directly to one of your contacts with WhatsApp.

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Are you still thinking about an engagement ring? You should have a look at Boutee.

  • It’s a website with lots of award-winning, top independent jewellers from around Britain
  • They use a free quiz to recommend one who meets your budget, style & preferences
  • If you reach out, your jeweller can guide you through the process, help bounce ideas around and make something one-off and bespoke to you

They're running a referral promotion so make sure you mention my name if you reach out to a jeweller. Check it out:

Referral FAQs

Bespoke engagement rings don't cost as much as you’d think - they can start at about £1000, and most people spend between £3000-£5000.

But obviously there’s no upper limit when it comes to diamonds.

Yes! What better way to give them a little nudge...

There’s no limit to the number of people you refer. If five people buy a bespoke engagement ring through Boutee and say that you referred them, that’s £1000 heading your way.

Feeling Generous?

Split the money 50:50
Buy a wedding gift
Donate to charity
Treat someone special

Any Questions?

Just drop us an email at