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Bryony Wong

Tartan ring

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The Tartan Ring is a marriage of 14 carat gold and sapphires. The piece is a rendering of the
characteristics of woven fabric transferred into precious materials. It is a celebration of the iconic grid and the significance of colour compositions whilst acknowledging the pattern’s historical significance and its timeless appeal.

In an attempt to merge the separate but adjacent trends in fashion and jewellery, the ring acts as a crossover piece to enable continuity through adornment. The Tartan Ring can be made to order in any tartan colourway.

This ring is ready to ship in Size K. If you would like a different size, or to customise this piece, please contact Bryony.

Caring for your Sapphire

To maintain the brilliance of your sapphire gemstones, gently clean them with lukewarm soapy water and a soft brush, avoiding harsh chemicals. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a lint-free cloth. Store the ring separately to prevent scratches. Regular care preserves their beauty, ensuring your sapphire remain looking good as new!

Bryony Wong

Bryony Wong is an independent jewellery designer and maker based in East London. The essence of her work is one of refined simplicity; exposing the inherent beauty of precious materials through considered design and craftsmanship. Bryony’s attentive approach to bespoke commissions allows her to materialise clients’ desires, from the smallest seed of an idea, into a beloved treasure.

Designer and Maker

Bryony Wong

Bryony is based in East London and grew up in Leicestershire. From early beginnings, covertly selling her jewellery in the school canteen, she went on to study at the renowned Birmingham School of Jewellery, graduating in 2018. Bryony honed her craft working in a high-end jewellers and undertaking specialist courses led by highly-regarded craftspeople. These experiences informed her work, equipping her with a devotion to craftsmanship and the desire to make beautiful pieces.

In designing her work, Bryony follows her intuitive ingenuity to create distinctive high-quality jewellery with an artistic sensibility. By creating bespoke one-off pieces or small batches of jewellery, she minimises material waste and uses recycled metals where possible. She is passionate about ethical practices and always works with local suppliers.

As well as making jewellery, Bryony has been trusted by hundreds of clients to remodel and sympathetically repair their precious pieces; and therefore understands the sentimentality between the jewellery and wearer. She approaches every project with care and professionalism, and views the happiness of the client as paramount.

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