Sterling Silver Nebula Choker Necklace - Boutee
Sterling Silver Nebula Choker Necklace - Boutee
Sterling Silver Nebula Choker Necklace - Boutee
Sterling Silver Nebula Choker Necklace - Boutee

Julie Nicaisse Jewellery

Sterling Silver Nebula Choker Necklace

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Sterling Silver Nebula Choker Necklace by Independent Jeweller Julie Nicaisse

Embrace the celestial charm with the Sterling Silver Nebula Choker Necklace, a masterpiece from the skilled independent jeweller Julie Nicaisse. Crafted in London, this necklace is a tribute to the sacred rituals and natural phenomena that seamlessly connect the earth to the sky, offering a divine accessory to reflect the beauty of your soul.

Key Features:

  • Design. Featuring the signature Nebula style, the necklace boasts divine organic clean lines, embodying the mystery of celestial wonders.
  • Flexibility. Each link is connected with jump rings, ensuring the choker moves in harmony with your body, offering comfort and elegance.
  • Craftsmanship. Handcrafted with love and passion, this piece utilises traditional techniques alongside eco-friendly production methods.
  • Collection. Part of the "Celestial Fall" collection, it captures the essence of heavenly phenomena, designed to perfection.
  • Authenticity. Hallmarked by the London Assay Office to guarantee the quality of the metal and certify its creation by Julie Nicaisse, an esteemed independent jeweller.
  • Dimensions & Weight. Total length of 46.5 cm, width of 1.5 cm, with a central piece of 23.5 cm length and chains of 10.5 cm each side, weighing approximately 26 g.

This necklace, handcrafted in Julie Nicaisse's South London studio, is more than an accessory; it's a celebration of the bond between earth and sky. The Nebula choker's exquisite design and intricate detailing reflect the independent jeweller's dedication to creating pieces that are not just beautiful but also meaningful. The necklace's seamless blend of the ancient and the celestial makes it a unique addition to any jewellery collection.

Choosing the Sterling Silver Nebula Choker Necklace means embracing a piece of art that captures the mystery and beauty of the universe. It's a testament to the creativity and skill of Julie Nicaisse, an independent jeweller who excels in bringing together traditional craftsmanship and eco-friendly practices. This necklace is perfect for those who appreciate the finer details and the stories behind their jewellery, making it an ideal choice for a discerning collector.

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    Julie Nicaisse Jewellery

    Based in south London, Julie Nicaisse Jewellery is a human and eco-conscious jewellery brand, committed to the use of ethically sought materials and sustainable production methods. Inspired by the spirit of Nature, designer-maker Julie Nicaisse creates eye-catching signature style pieces designed to empower you in a positive and luxurious way.

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    Julie Nicaisse

    Belgian designer Julie Nicaisse gives life to metals by translating the magic and mystery of unconventional beauty found in nature, and turning it into talismanic adornments amalgamating organic elements, dark elegance, a passion for history, and a love for the planet and admiration for its fauna and flora.

    After graduating from Art school in 2000 Julie crossed the channel and left behind her native Belgium in search of new adventures in London.

    Following enrolment onto her first jewellery course in 2006, Julie’s craftsmanship ability grew steadily from strength to strength. She acquired her high level of skill through 8 years’ experience working for a number of renowned jewellers before finally launching her own brand in 2017.

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    Boutee's Green Mission

    The jewellery industry needs to do more to reduce its carbon footprint. That’s why we offset 120x more carbon than we produce, plant a tree for every purchase, and promote jewellers that are leading by example.

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