The Corrupt Rectangle Necklace - Boutee
The Corrupt Rectangle Necklace - Boutee
The Corrupt Rectangle Necklace - Boutee
The Corrupt Rectangle Necklace - Boutee
The Corrupt Rectangle Necklace - Boutee
The Corrupt Rectangle Necklace - Boutee

Luke Brient

The Corrupt Rectangle Necklace

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The Corrupt Rectangle Necklace by Independent Jeweller Luke Brient

Discover the Corrupt Rectangle Necklace, a unique bespoke piece by Luke Brient, an independent jeweller from Norfolk. This necklace stands out with its sand-cast pendant, crafted from recycled sterling silver and given a distinct 'corrupted' texture through innovative artisan casting techniques.

Key Features:

  • Design. The pendant showcases a unique texture, achieved through special casting methods that lend it an intriguing 'corrupted' appearance.
  • Sustainability. Made from recycled sterling silver, this piece reflects a commitment to environmentally friendly practices.
  • Chain. Accompanied by a 2.5mm diamond-cut trace chain, available in various lengths to suit personal preferences.
  • Dimensions. The pendant measures 10x20mm, making it an ideal size for a statement piece that's also suitable for everyday wear.
  • Craftsmanship. Each necklace is 925 stamped, assuring its sterling silver composition, and is crafted within 2-4 weeks, highlighting the care and attention to detail involved in its creation.

The Corrupt Rectangle Necklace, with its bespoke design and ethical considerations, is perfect for those who value unique jewellery that tells a story and respects the environment.

Choosing this necklace means supporting the art of bespoke jewellery-making and embracing a piece that combines aesthetic appeal with ethical craftsmanship, making it a cherished addition to any collection.

Independent jeweller Luke Brient making a bespoke ring in his workshop in Norfolk

Luke Brient

Luke's eponymous brand prides itself on being as sustainable as possible, using only recycled precious metals and ethically sourced gemstones. The brands unisex style seamlessly blends organic textures with a rock and roll aesthetic. As with the industry, the brand is forever evolving with new products and styles coming out periodically, stay tuned for more!

Independent jeweller Luke Brient profile photo

Jewellery Designer

Luke Brient

The man behind the brand. The founder, designer and creator of all the jewellery! After graduating from University with a degree in Industrial Design, Luke discovered his passion for the jewellery industry. From then on he has been set out on a mission to fulfil his desire to create solid high quality hand crafted jewellery under his own designer label.

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Boutee's Green Mission

The jewellery industry needs to do more to reduce its carbon footprint. That’s why we offset 120x more carbon than we produce, plant a tree for every purchase, and promote jewellers that are leading by example.

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