Calm Seas Diamond Two-Tone Ring - Boutee
Calm Seas Diamond Two-Tone Ring - Boutee

Emma Mogridge Jewellery

Calm Seas Diamond Two-Tone Ring

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Emma Mogridge's Wave-Inspired Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the coast with this handcrafted engagement ring by Emma Mogridge, an independent jeweller based in Devon. This bespoke ring, reminiscent of undulating waves, is a testament to Emma's skill and creativity.

Key Features:

  • Design: Expertly crafted to resemble waves in 9ct white and yellow gold, capturing the essence of the shoreline and the gentle movement of pebbles in the surf.
  • Central Gemstone: Set with a light yellow diamond, hand-selected for its warm colour, bright sparkle, and light yellow tones, reflecting the ring's nature-inspired theme.
  • Diamond Details: The diamond measures 2.5mm in diameter, with a weight of 0.08ct, nestled elegantly within the wave design.
  • Size and Weight: Currently available in finger size M and weighs 2.58gms, showcasing a delicate yet substantial presence.
  • Customisation: Emma Mogridge welcomes requests for different finger sizes or gemstone choices, offering a truly bespoke experience.

Crafted in the picturesque setting of Devon, this engagement ring is more than just a piece of jewellery; it's a wearable piece of art, inspired by the natural beauty of the English coast. Each ring is unique, embodying Emma's passion for creating bespoke pieces that resonate with individual stories and styles.

For those seeking a distinctive engagement ring, this creation by Emma Mogridge offers a blend of artisanal craftsmanship, natural inspiration, and personalisation. To discuss customisation options or specific size requirements, please reach out to Emma Mogridge directly via her Boutee storefront.

A jewellers workbench belonging to independent jeweller Emma Mogridge

Emma Mogridge Jewellery

Taking inspiration from the Ocean, award winning jeweller Emma Mogridge handcrafts her unique designs and works to commission from her Devon workshop. Using specialist techniques and handmade tools, she strives to capture mesmerising light reflections over the sea and the perpetual motion of the waves. With a definitive nautical style, each unique creation is designed to capture the spirit of the ocean.

Independent jeweller Emma Mogridge making jewellery at her bench in Devon.

Jewellery Designer-Maker

Emma Mogridge

Emma’s unique jewellery collections are inspired by the shimmering of light over water. Each hand-made piece captures the perpetual motion of ocean waves. Her eye-catching surfaces are hand-crafted in precious metals using specialist techniques and hand-made tools at her Devon workshop. Her award winning ‘Liquid Sun’ brooch are inspired by dramatic sunsets at sea.

Emma’s jewellery has a definitive nautical feel, with echoes of ships and portholes, rolling waves and glistening pebbles. Each piece is designed to capture the spirit of the ocean.

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The jewellery industry needs to do more to reduce its carbon footprint. That’s why we offset 120x more carbon than we produce, plant a tree for every purchase, and promote jewellers that are leading by example.