Garnet Heart Necklace - Boutee
Garnet Heart Necklace - Boutee
Garnet Heart Necklace - Boutee
Garnet Heart Necklace - Boutee
Garnet Heart Necklace - Boutee

Hearts of Stars

Garnet Heart Necklace

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Hearts of Stars Garnet Heart Necklace by Independent Jeweller Jo Cooper

Introducing the Hearts of Stars Garnet Heart Necklace, a stunning creation by Jo Cooper, an esteemed independent jeweller in Hertfordshire. This exquisite piece features a deep red, sparkling garnet heart, elegantly set in solid fine silver and presented on a 45cm sterling silver chain.

Key Features:

  • Gemstone. The centerpiece is a garnet, known for opening the heart and bestowing self-empowerment, making it not just an ornament but a symbol of prosperity and abundance.
  • Birthstone. Garnet is also celebrated as the birthstone for January, adding a personal touch to this elegant piece.
  • Design. With its fine silver setting and a 45cm sterling silver chain, the necklace exudes timeless elegance.
  • Craftsmanship. Handmade in the UK, each necklace is unique, echoing the independent spirit of its creator, Jo Cooper.
  • Versatility. The necklace is versatile in design, suited for both casual and formal occasions.
  • Availability. This item is ready to ship, offering immediate delight to its recipient.
  • Dimensions. The garnet stone measures approximately 6mm, perfect for a subtle yet striking impact.
  • Materials. The necklace features fine and sterling silver components, with an option of 24K gold plate for added luxury.

Each Hearts of Stars Garnet Heart Necklace is a testament to Jo Cooper's dedication to creating unique, handcrafted jewellery. As an independent jeweller, Jo Cooper ensures that every piece reflects a personal touch, making them as special as the individuals who wear them.

This necklace not only adorns the wearer but also carries the essence of bespoke craftsmanship. Its unique nature means that while each piece closely resembles the one in the photo, no two are exactly alike, adding to its charm and exclusivity. The Hearts of Stars Garnet Heart Necklace is a perfect blend of elegance, uniqueness, and personal symbolism, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate the artistry of independent jewellery designers.

    A silver handmade bespoke ring set with 5 rough gemstones

    Hearts of Stars

    Hearts of Stars jewellery is predominately made using raw, uncut gemstones. Using raw stones and individually setting them herself by hand means that each piece of jewellery will be unique to its wearer and of high quality.
    All the jewellery is handmade by Jo in her studio in Hertfordshire.

    independent jeweller Jo Cooper

    Jo Cooper

    Hearts of Stars Jewellery was created by Jo Cooper, after spending time refining her niche collection of raw gemstone jewellery.
    She started off from a young age with a love for making, and it quickly took the route of jewellery and accessory making. She studied at Camberwell College, University of the Arts London, where she specialised in jewellery making and silversmithing.

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