Poize Lock Malachite Necklace - Boutee
Poize Lock Malachite Necklace - Boutee
Poize Lock Malachite Necklace - Boutee
Poize Lock Malachite Necklace - Boutee
Poize Lock Malachite Necklace - Boutee
Poize Lock Malachite Necklace - Boutee


Poize Lock Malachite Necklace

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Poize Lock Malachite Necklace by Independent Jeweller Trang Do

Explore the Poize Lock Malachite Necklace, a stunning creation from Kimjoux, masterfully crafted by the talented independent jeweller Trang Do. This necklace draws inspiration from the Roaring Twenties and the Art Deco architectural style, seamlessly fusing historical elegance with contemporary design.

Key Features:

  • Inspiration. Drawing from the Art Deco era, the necklace showcases elegant arched shapes that exude empowerment and grace.
  • Mechanism. Boasts an innovative, moving arch locking mechanism for impeccable balance and secure wear.
  • Material. Meticulously crafted from solid gold, ensuring both durability and a luxurious tactile experience.
  • Versatility. Engineered to move effortlessly with the wearer, suitable for various occasions and lifestyles.
  • Customisation. In true Kimjoux fashion, the necklace offers the option for personalization, making it distinctly yours.
  • Design. Adorned with Malachite Rondel beads, approximately 16 inches in length and adjustable to 17 inches, showcasing the captivating beauty and vibrant colors of Malachite.
  • Quality. All beads are natural and untreated, highlighting their authentic allure.
  • Detail. Features a Poize Lock in Solid Gold and a Tourmaline Cabochon, adding a touch of refined sophistication.

With its unique design and adjustable length, the Poize Lock Malachite Necklace is the perfect choice for expressing your fun and colorful side through unique precious and semi-precious beads. This necklace invites you to be 'Poized for adventure,' symbolizing opportunities and imagination. It is an ideal selection for those who appreciate the fusion of historical inspiration and modern creativity in their jewelry collection.

Trang Do from Kimjoux painting designs for bespoke engagement rings


Kimjoux is inspired by a fresh perspective on what luxury means today, created to suit those building their own legacies – and jewellery collection – in a way that reflects their own styles, personalities and adventures.
Founded by Trang Do, a true Londoner. True in the sense that she has come to this global capital - from Vietnam - and has built a jewellery brand from the ground up that draws on her belief in the power of collaboration and empowerment.
She is fascinated by people, their lifestyle, what they do and what drives them. Having spent a decade working at some of the most distinguished luxury jewellery brands in the world, including Cartier and Graff, she founded Kimjoux as the new destination for personal, modern heirloom.

Independent jeweller Trang Do profile photo, founder of Kimjoux


Trang Do

Trang’s obsession with jewellery was born of missing heirlooms in her own family. Growing up in Vietnam, she was often entertained with tales of her great-grandparents. They had been antiques dealers, surrounding themselves with fascinating artefacts, but none survived. All that was passed down to Trang were some faded photographs.

Trang founded Kimjoux after a year into motherhood, as she want to create fine, meaningful heirloom that is also fun and practical. Trang spent a decade working at some of the world's most famous jewellery houses, and studied at GIA.

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Boutee's Green Mission

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