Croissance Illimitée Earrings – Gold Vermeil - Boutee
Croissance Illimitée Earrings – Gold Vermeil - Boutee
Croissance Illimitée Earrings – Gold Vermeil - Boutee


Croissance Illimitée Earrings – Gold Vermeil

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Croissance Illimitée Earrings in Gold Vermeil by Independent Jeweller Estelle Deve

Inspired by the evolutionary spiral of the nautilus shell, in 1931 Le Corbusier proposed that museum architecture imitate the organic growth present in the natural world. In his vision, museums could begin minimal, successively expanding in a spiral order over time, room by room, growing with and reflecting better their contemporary societies. In response to this radical proposal of forward-thinking, the gradients of the Croissance Illimitée earrings, gracefully wrap around the earlobe; a tribute to uninhibited growth through experience.

The Croissance Illimitée earrings are thoughtfully crafted in 18k gold vermeilA mirror image of the other, each earring in this pair measures 28mm across, with an inside diameter of 15mm. Each weigh 6.5g and are 3mm thick. Please note that we are unable to accept any returns on earrings due to hygiene reasons.

Key Features:

  • Inspiration. Reflecting on Le Corbusier's vision of museums growing in a spiral order akin to a nautilus shell, these earrings symbolize the idea of continuous growth and expansion.
  • Design. The Croissance Illimitée earrings gracefully wrap around the earlobe, serving as a tribute to the beauty of uninhibited growth and the accumulation of experiences.
  • Craftsmanship. Expertly crafted in 18k gold vermeil, these earrings showcase the meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality that Estelle Deve is known for.
  • Dimensions. Each earring in the pair spans 28mm across with an inside diameter of 15mm, and a thickness of 3mm, weighing 6.5g, balancing elegance with comfort.
  • Exclusivity. As a bespoke piece, these earrings embody the individuality and innovative spirit of an independent jeweller's work.
  • Note. In the interest of hygiene, returns on earrings are not accepted.
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Dévé is a modern lifestyle brand for the curious woman. Our carefully considered and timeless collections of jewellery reflect an uncompromising dedication to craftsmanship, sustainability, ethical practices and our community of discerning women of substance. Through these offerings, Dévé celebrates those individuals who possess an eternal curiosity for learning from others, through experience and from the world that surrounds them;

Modern artefacts, for the curious mind.

independent jewellery designer Estelle Deve


Estelle Dévé

Estelle Dévé is a Senior Designer and Creative Consultant with fifteen experience across high-end fashion and retail.

After graduating from Business School, Estelle set up her eponymous jewellery brand in Australia in 2008. The brand went on to be supported by leading fashion accounts, as well as being featured in key fashion publications. Whilst running her own brand and after closing it in 2014, Estelle also consulted for independent and high-end retailers both in-house and on a freelance basis.

In 2019, she launched Estelle Dévé Studio to help brands with their nascent jewellery lines and brand development. She launched “Dévé”, a new ethical-focused iteration of her brand, in September 2021.

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