Organic Melted Ring

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Organic Melted Ring

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Organic Melted Ring by Independent Jeweller Philippa Dunn of Polly Gasston Jewellery, Kent

Introducing the Organic Melted Ring, an exquisitely crafted piece by Philippa Dunn, the creative force behind Polly Gasston Jewellery in Kent. This ring features a unique design, achieved by melting scraps of gold into the shank, which then naturally forms its own organic shape.

Sizing, Design & Customisation:

This ring is handmade, meaning no two will ever be identical. Please be aware that the design you receive may differ slightly from the design shown. If you would like to talk to Philippa about the design, or customising this piece to make it even more unique, please get in touch with her via the 'Talk to Philippa button'.

This ring is ready to ship in size N. If you wish to have a different size, please use the size box to tell Philippa. She will try to resize the existing ring, but if this is not possible, she will make a new one, so please be aware there will be a longer lead time. 

Key Features:

  • Design. The ring exhibits a textured and organic exterior, with a design that captures the fluidity and natural forms of melted gold.
  • Comfort. Despite its textured appearance, the inside of the ring is completely smooth, ensuring it is a pleasure to wear.
  • Craftsmanship. Handmade by Philippa Dunn, this ring illustrates the exceptional skill and attention to detail of an independent jeweller.

The Organic Melted Ring by Philippa Dunn is a standout piece that combines artistic innovation with comfort. This ring is ideal for those who appreciate jewellery that reflects the beauty of natural, organic forms while offering the refinement of smooth wearability.

Polly Gasston Jewellery

Inspired by Polly, the founder of the company, who in turn was inspired by the ancient jewellers and goldsmiths, we work only in 22ct gold and semi-precious stones. If our work brings to mind the treasures of past civilizations then we have hit our brief! Designs that can be understood and appreicated for their historical reference and their contemporary style is what we aim for, and most importantly our treasures must be ultimately wearable. We do not polish any of our work, we let it gain its own lustre by being worn which gives this precious metal a depth of warmth and a note of value.


Philippa Dunnj

Polly and her sister Philippa were born and raised in Kenya. Their lives took separate paths until 2007 when Philippa moved to England and she and Polly started their business, Polly Gasston Goldsmith. Polly was the jeweller and Philippa ran the business; they designed all their pieces together which Polly then made, while Philippa concentrated on administering the company. During this time Philippa learned to carve wax for casting, adding another dimension to the collection. When Polly died suddenly and unexpectedly in 2021 Philippa kept on with the company, and while the style of the work has evolved and changed, the ethos remains the same; 22ct gold with semi-precious stones, designs that are influenced by ancient civilizations and are completely contemporary, and the highest quality of work. Customer service and satisfaction have always been at the heart of the business and still are today.

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