Pink Sapphire Small Constellation - Boutee
Pink Sapphire Small Constellation - Boutee
Pink Sapphire Small Constellation - Boutee
Pink Sapphire Small Constellation - Boutee
Pink Sapphire Small Constellation - Boutee

The Lane Fine Jewellery

Pink Sapphire Small Constellation

Sale price£950.00

This is a previous one-off commission

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This item was a one-off, bespoke piece made for a customer. If you wish to have your own piece made by Catherine, please contact her via the 'Talk to Catherine' button. 

A bespoke ring in this style will start at £950. Opting for higher carat and quality gemstones and metal will increase the price accordingly.

About The Piece

Introducing the Pink Sapphire Small Constellation Piece from The Lane Fine Jewellery, an exquisite creation by Catherine, an independent jeweller renowned for her bespoke designs. This unique piece, set in rose gold, features a captivating padparadscha pink sapphire encircled by white diamonds, crafted as a heartfelt 40th birthday gift for a cherished wife.

Key Features:

  • Gemstones: Centred around a padparadscha pink sapphire, chosen for its enchanting hue that matches the wife's favourite colour, surrounded by sparkling white diamonds.
  • Metal: Set in elegant rose gold, enhancing the warmth and depth of the pink sapphire and diamonds.
  • Personal Touch: The piece incorporates the largest diamond, reset from a ring previously gifted by the husband on her 18th birthday, adding a layer of personal history and sentiment.
  • Design Inspiration: Designed as a symbol of enduring love and celebration, this piece is a testament to the couple's journey together over twenty-two years.
  • Craftsmanship: Reflecting Catherine's commitment to quality and bespoke design, this piece showcases the meticulous attention to detail that is characteristic of an independent British jeweller.

The Pink Sapphire Small Constellation Piece by The Lane Fine Jewellery is more than just jewellery; it's a narrative of love, personal milestones, and the beauty of bespoke craftsmanship.

For inquiries or to explore more custom creations, please contact Catherine at The Lane Fine Jewellery.

The Lane Fine Jewellery

The Lane's pieces are inspired by the textures and colours of the countryside surrounding my Scottish Workshop, right on the Highland Boundary. From golden wheatfields in autumn just with flowers bursting from the hedgerows, to the sheer glory of the stars hanging resplendent in a winter’s night. I want my jewellery to anchor my customers to the landscape, so that wherever they travel they have a physical reminder of the land they were born from or love.


Catherine Fiabane

Born and raised in the Scottish countryside, Catherine has always felt a profound connection to the natural world around her. After 20 years working in the West End as a Stage Manager, she retrained at the British Academy of Jewellery to realise a lifetime ambition to become a goldsmith. The pull to return North proved too strong to resist and she now creates hand crafted, one-off items of fine jewellery in her home workshop, once more looking out over the fields and forests that she loves.

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