Pink Sapphire Wishbone Ring - Boutee
Pink Sapphire Wishbone Ring - Boutee
Pink Sapphire Wishbone Ring - Boutee
Pink Sapphire Wishbone Ring - Boutee

Natalia Rafi

Pink Sapphire Wishbone Ring

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Natalia Rafi Jewellery's Pink Sapphire Wishbone Ring: Vibrance and Elegance by Independent Jewellers Nat & Nick

Introducing 'Hali', the V-shaped wishbone-style wedding/eternity ring from Natalia Rafi Jewellery, a creation of elegance and vibrance by independent jewellers Nat & Nick, based in Derby. This exquisite ring features five stunning pink Sapphires, each meticulously set in solid gold claws, making it a symbol of sophistication and style.

Key Features:

  • Gemstones: Adorned with five pink Sapphires, boasting an approximate total carat weight of 0.60ct, radiating vibrance and elegance.
  • Design: The V-shaped wishbone style of Hali perfectly complements stone-set engagement rings, enhancing the overall sparkle and charm.
  • Metal: Crafted in solid gold, providing durability and a luxurious feel.
  • Versatility: Designed to seamlessly nestle alongside an engagement ring, adding depth and dimension to your hand's ensemble.
  • Customisation: Available in various dimensions, metals, and stones upon request, offering a personalised touch.
  • UK Hallmark: Each ring carries a UK Hallmark, assuring its quality and craftsmanship.

The Pink Sapphire Wishbone Ring by Natalia Rafi Jewellery, crafted by Nat & Nick, is a symphony of style and sophistication, ensuring that every moment is unforgettable.

For inquiries or to discuss customisation options, please contact Nat & Nick at Natalia Rafi Jewellery.

Natalia Rafi Jewellery

Natalia Rafi Jewellery is the outcome of a 20+ year career in precious metal bench work . Our head jeweller “Nat” started training on a jewellery bench when she was just 16 years old. A perfectionist that spent the next 2 decades refining her skills whilst working for two reputable UK jewellery houses. Eventually the urge to embrace her own vision became too much, she teamed up with her partner “Nick” and they set out to make their own mark on the industry. Specialising in unique wedding rings, engagement rings and lifestyle jewellery.

Founder, Designer and Creator

Nick & Nat

Nat's expertise as a skilled jeweller ensures that each piece is crafted with precision and care, showcasing her technical proficiency and artistic flair. Nick, on the other hand, brings his creativity to the forefront by handling jewellery design, managing the website, and tackling various problem-solving tasks.

The synergy between Nat and Nick is a key factor in the success of their business. Their shared vision for creating a designer brand that celebrates individual style sets them apart in the competitive world of jewellery. The attention to detail they both bring to their work reflects their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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The jewellery industry needs to do more to reduce its carbon footprint. That’s why we offset 120x more carbon than we produce, plant a tree for every purchase, and promote jewellers that are leading by example.

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