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Laconic Jewellery

Founded by jewellery designer and Goldsmith, Lindsay Forbes. Laconic jewellery is designed to encourage self-expression, using few or little words. Inspired by travel and her own Scottish heritage, each piece designed tells a story influenced by the symbolism, myths and storytelling Scotland is famed for. Crafted in small batches using traditional methods and sustainable materials.

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Bespoke at Laconic

Lindsay makes all of her pieces at her workshop in Durham, and lots of her customers ask for bespoke pieces.

Starting at £500
Ready in 10-12 weeks
1 year warranty
In-person meetings

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Founder, jewellery designer & Goldsmith

Lindsay Forbes

Lindsay has a passion for crafting pieces that are made to be worn and treasured. She studied 3D Design, which encompassed ceramics, glass and jewellery. This combined her love of drawing with interest in design. Experimenting with the materials and bringing ideas to life — plus using her hands as the tools for creation — was such an exciting experience. It still is!

Everything about the bespoke experience was incredible. Lindsay is so thoughtful, knowing exactly the right questions to ask to ensure she's getting the full creative vision from you - even when you’re completely unfamiliar with the behind-the-scenes of jewellery making.

Establishing Laconic

After spending over 10 years working in the commercial jewellery industry in the UK, where I worked in both retail and as a bench jeweller (doing repair work), I had a huge shift in mindset. This experience was an eye-opener; there was a focus on quantity, not quality, and everything was mass-produced, sometimes leading to sentimental pieces of jewellery being difficult to repair. I became frustrated, feeling out of alignment with my values and my desire to create was lost.

This led to the creation of Laconic. 

The Power of Jewellery

Sometimes putting together an outfit that looks unique and feels true to our personality can be a challenge, especially with clothes. It can be so much easier to express your authentic style with a piece of jewellery, instantly transforming how you look and feel.  Jewellery items that have a story to tell, reminding us of people close to us, special events or places once travelled, have much more personal meaning too. These are stories that can be re-told and remembered through wearing your piece of jewellery.

Slow-made, Design-led

Laconic was established knowing it was possible to create a business with more purpose: making jewellery that’s well-crafted here in the UK, made to last and sustainable, without literally costing the Earth. With my background in design, I knew there was an opportunity for you to have something more tailored and customised, with a story to tell, to express yourself and connect you people and places that are special to you.