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The Molten Wedding Ring Company

Welcome to The Molten Wedding Ring Company, brought to you by Erin Cox. We specialise in molten textured wedding rings, made in platinum and gold; handmade and suitable for all. There are 8 different designs in our collection ensuring you’ll find one suited to you.



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MoltenBRAY Engagement Ring
Sale priceFrom £1,891.00
MoltenTAVY Engagement Ring
Sale priceFrom £1,815.00
MoltenYEO Engagement Ring
Sale priceFrom £1,837.00
MoltenTAW Engagement Ring
Sale priceFrom £1,793.00
MoltenBRAY Ring - Gold
Sale priceFrom £397.00
MoltenTAVY Ring - Gold
Sale priceFrom £329.00
MoltenBRAY Ring - Platinum
Sale price£1,006.00
MoltenOTTER Ring - Gold
Sale priceFrom £488.00
MoltenSID Ring- Gold
Sale priceFrom £579.00
MoltenTAVY Ring - Platinum
Sale price£799.00
MoltenDART Ring - Gold
Sale priceFrom £743.00
MoltenOTTER Ring - Platinum
Sale price£1,332.00
independent jeweller Erin Cox at her studio in Devon


Erin Cox

Erin is Mum to lovely and equally curly haired Matilda and Willow. Designer and Maker, Erin is 20 years into her personal love affair with making, quoting Erin herself, "when you hobby is your job, you have to find other hobbies!" Erin's unique style and approach to jewellery making is the core to our business, and without her genuine joy in making and strong sense of aesthetic we would be nothing. When not going hammer and tongs at the bench, Erin is a keen forager, and sources all sorts of deliciousness from the Devon hedgerows and fields. And when a bit of peace is needed, spinning and knitting is always appealing.

Very friendly and helpful staff, from initially responding to enquiries through to trying on rings in the shop and getting our rings resizing our rings when they didn't quite fit. Would definitely recommend this shop if you're looking for something a bit different for your wedding bands!

Rach W

independent jeweller Joanna profile photo

Joanna Kendall

Workshop assistant and sales

Profile photo for Janie, an employee at independent jeweller Erin Cox in Devon

Janie Wolverson

Merchandising, Media and Sales

Close up of a bespoke wedding ring being made


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