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Twist Ring

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Twist Ring from the Cambré Collection by Independent Jeweller Will Odell

This elegant and stylish ring is part of the Cambré Collection inspired by the graceful movement of ballerinas. Designed for the discerning, an 18ct yellow gold ring finished with an eye-catching textured, set with diamonds. An iridescent ring with a graceful twist, perfect as an alternative engagement ring with a difference and will fit effortlessly alongside the Curve Ring.

Key Features:

  • Inspiration. The Twist Ring draws from the poise and grace of ballet, embodying movement and elegance in its design.
  • Material. Expertly crafted in 18ct yellow gold, this ring boasts a luxurious finish with an added sparkle from its diamond setting.
  • Design. Featuring a textured finish with a captivating twist, the ring serves as a unique alternative engagement ring or a standout piece in any collection.
  • Complementary. Designed to complement the Curve Ring, it offers a cohesive look when paired together.
  • Bespoke. Handmade to order, ensuring a perfect fit for the specified size.
  • Delivery. Anticipate a delivery time of 10-14 days for this meticulously crafted piece.
  • Certification. Hallmarked at the London Assay Office, guaranteeing its quality and authenticity.

The Twist Ring from Will Odell's Cambré Collection is a testament to the independent jeweller's skill in creating bespoke pieces that resonate with elegance and individuality. Perfect for those seeking an alternative engagement ring or a distinctive addition to their jewellery collection, this ring embodies the beauty and grace of its balletic inspiration.


Handmade bespoke Ruby bridal necklace made by Will Odell

Will Odell Designs

As many designers and artists, Will Odell takes his inspiration from the world around him. Drawn to simple, elegant forms in design and nature, where the superfluous has been stripped away. Will creates unique handmade jewellery in precious metals and gemstones that embrace the pleasures and qualities of our daily lives. Simple elegant forms designed to create a contemporary heirloom, individually crafted with it own unique story.

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Will Odell

Will Odell works from his Buckinghamshire studio designing and creating his jewellery. Starting his business in 2007 Will began working on large scale architectural projects. Given the opportunity in 2008 to work for some very skilled and highly regarded silversmith’s Will took a different creative direction moving away from forged steel to hand raised silver. Will began designing and making his own collections of jewellery in 2013 and by 2015 had moved entirely to jewellery.

Simple elegant forms complemented by hammered textured are created using traditional techniques of piercing, forging, and casting. The designs are imbued with the richness and depth that create a wonderfully tactile experience.

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