One Penny Cufflinks (1971-2008) - Boutee
One Penny Cufflinks (1971-2008) - Boutee

Coin Design

One Penny Cufflinks (1971-2008)

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These cufflinks have been made using pennies taken from circulation. They come in a head and tail pair, with one displaying the Port Cullis and crown and the other displaying the Queens head and year.

The coins have had the link silver soldered directly onto the back of the coin, this ensures that they do not break apart. The coins are then polished and plated. The details are hand enamelled and finally encased with a clear resin.

The cufflinks are presented in a stylish box with a certificate of authenticity.

For 1972, as no coins were released into circulation, we have to take coins from proof sets. Only 130,000 proof sets were made which makes them very scarce.

Product Specifications

Coin: One Penny
Years available: 1971-2008
Diameter: 20mm
Plating: Gold
Enamel colour: Blue with red detail
The village of Ironbridge in the borough of Telford.

Coin Design

Coin Design, located in the famous Ironbridge Gorge, takes old and new coins and turns them into unique pieces of jewellery. Each piece is made by hand and have either been cut out using a jewellers saw or enamelled in rich colours with all pieces being gold plated or silver plated.

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