Orbit Signet Ring - Boutee
Orbit Signet Ring - Boutee
Orbit Signet Ring - Boutee
Orbit Signet Ring - Boutee
Orbit Signet Ring - Boutee
Orbit Signet Ring - Boutee
Orbit Signet Ring - Boutee
Orbit Signet Ring - Boutee
Orbit Signet Ring - Boutee


Orbit Signet Ring

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Inspired by the world of Physics, Galaxy and love, the Orbit collection is a new interpretation of minimalist and architectural jewellery. The unique octagonal ring shape represents the eight planets in our solar system. The diamonds used in this collection are set in a ring of halo that is inspired by our plant's lifelong friend, the moon.

The Orbit collection has a deeper meaning of friendship, family and love, and it celebrates those who unconditionally orbit around us and love us.

Each piece of diamond that is used in the collection is natural and sourced ethically. Our skilled craftsmen use century-old techniques to set each stone by hand to achieve the perfect finish.

Key Features:

  • Inspiration. The unique octagonal shape of the ring symbolises the eight planets of our solar system, with a design ethos rooted in friendship, family, and love.
  • Design. The ring showcases a modern hexagon top, accented with a thin line of hand-painted black enamel and a sparkling white diamond, reminiscent of the moon's halo.
  • Ethical Sourcing. Each diamond is natural and ethically sourced, set by skilled craftsmen using traditional techniques to ensure a flawless finish.
  • Personalisation. The Orbit Signet Ring comes with a complimentary engraving service for up to three initials, allowing for a personalised touch using either the default Pinyon Script or a font of your choosing.
  • Inclusivity. Designed to be gender non-binary, this piece is meant to be cherished by all, reflecting EDXÚ's commitment to inclusive design.

The Orbit Signet Ring features a modern hexagon top part with a thin line of hand-painted black enamel and a white diamond. The ring includes a free engraving service for up to 3 initials and you can use our default fonts (Pinyon Script) or your preferable fonts. Our jewellery is designed to be gender non-binary and enjoyed by everyone.

Engraving Instructions:

Please enter in the 'notes' box up to 3 letters & a font for your engraving. 

Variety of bespoke bridal jewelery in boxes, made by Independent jeweller EDXU


EDXÚ is a London-based, independent fine jewellery brand that focuses on handcrafting architectural and mindful jewellery. Award-winning designer Edward Xú started his namesake brand Following the dream of creating resonating jewellery designs and inspiring others to a sustainable jewellery life cycle. The brand is loved and celebrated by The Goldsmiths' Craft and Design Council, UK Jewellery Awards and The Goldsmiths' Centre and many more.

Headshot of Edward Xu founder of independent jewellery brand EDXU


Edward Xú

Edward is a multi-awards-winning jewellery designer who has been awarded by the Goldsmiths' Craft and Design Council for his designs in 2019, 2020 and 2021. UK Jewellery Awards nominate Edward as the finalist for the Emerging Jewellery Designer of the Year 2022. He is also a selected designer for the Spotlighting exhibition by the Goldsmith Centre. Edward's unique perspective of beauty and broad knowledge of jewellery and gemstones set him apart from the other jewellery designers.

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Boutee's Green Mission

The jewellery industry needs to do more to reduce its carbon footprint. That’s why we offset 120x more carbon than we produce, plant a tree for every purchase, and promote jewellers that are leading by example.

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