Zuba Ring GOLD - Boutee
Zuba Ring GOLD - Boutee
Zuba Ring GOLD - Boutee

Halina Mutinta Jewellery

Zuba Ring in Gold

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Zuba Ring in Gold by Independent Jeweller Halina Mutinta

Introducing the Zuba Ring, a striking piece from Halina Mutinta's latest collection. This ring, crafted by the Brighton-based independent jeweller, symbolises new beginnings and transformation through its serpent design.

Key Features:

  • Symbolism. The serpent motif of the Zuba Ring embodies the themes of renewal and change.
  • Craftsmanship. Constructed in solid gold, the ring showcases the intricate serpent and signet design with precision.
  • Ethical. Features an ethically sourced red garnet, adding a touch of vibrant color and ethical value to the piece.
  • Sizing. Ideally suited for the pinky finger, the ring's sizing is versatile, extending up to size S.
  • Production Time. Anticipate a creation and delivery timeframe of 6-8 weeks, as each ring is meticulously crafted to order.

The Zuba Ring is more than a piece of jewellery; it's a testament to Halina Mutinta's commitment to meaningful, handcrafted designs. This ring, part of her new collection, offers wearers a symbol of transformation, making it a significant addition to any jewellery collection.

By choosing the Zuba Ring, you're embracing a unique design and supporting the craftsmanship of an independent jeweller. Halina Mutinta's dedication to ethical sourcing and bespoke jewellery making shines through in this exquisite piece, ideal for those who value artistry and personal growth.

Independent jeweller polishing a bespoke engagement ring at her workbench

Halina Mutinta Jewellery

Halina Mutinta Jewellery was founded by Halina Hamalambo in 2017. Mainly self taught, Halina has taken her own route - something that is evident in the unique nature of her designs. Classing her work as a combination of fine jewellery with her love for ancient and Indigenous art, she’s inspired by nature and pattern work - a subtle combination of the ancient with modern influence is ever-present in her colourful creations. Halina works on her own and is based by the sea in Brighton, England.

Independent jeweller Halina Mutinta crafting a bespoke engagement ring at her workbench

Jewellery Designer/Goldsmith

Halina M. Hamalambo

Born in Sweden to a Polish mother and Zambian father, Halina moved to the UK when she was five. Growing up in Essex, UK, she followed creative subjects at school before studying art at college. However, she struggled to find her true creative outlet and instead dropped out, deciding to follow the path of her dentist father by becoming a dental nurse. 
Working in the dental field for six years, her career satisfied her desire to work with her hands, but deep down she knew she was destined for a more artistic path. She moved to Brighton and it was there where jewellery really captivated her attention—an art form she’d always been passionate about and was inspired by the heavy, chunky jewellery that her mother had passed down to her when Halina was a child. 
Realising she’d found the path she wanted to take, she set out to learn everything she could. She reached out to endless jewellers in Brighton and London and soon found a shop in Brick Lane, London, that was taking apprentices. She worked with the third generation jeweller, Freddie Grove, and learnt invaluable skills including how to work intricately yet efficiently, and how to run a business. Next, she worked with Brighton jeweller Stef Warde at Peculiar Vintage. There, she mastered important skills including how to interact with customers. 

In 2017 Halina started her own jewellery business, this is where Halina Mutinta Jewellery began its journey.

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