Independent jeweller Erin Cox making a bespoke engagement ring at her workbench

Devon | EST 2002

Erin Cox Jewellery

Erin Cox is a Devon based jeweller who hand crafts future heirlooms for those looking for unique ethically made jewellery. With over 20 years experience, working in both Fairtrade and Eco (recycled) gold and platinum, Erin combines hand selected, rare and untreated stones to create contemporary yet fine art jewellery. Inspired by the shimmering waters of the Devon rivers and seas, to the rolling hills and rugged Tors of Dartmoor, Erin’s jewellery collection is distinctive in its design.


This jeweller helped launch Boutee.



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Erin Cox

Designer and Maker, Erin is over 20 years into her personal love affair with making, quoting Erin herself, " when your hobby is your job, you have to find other hobbies!" Erin's unique style and approach to jewellery making is the core to her business, and without her genuine joy in making and strong sense of aesthetic Erin Cox Jewellery would be nothing. As a maker, she dreams up new ideas in the wee small hours, and then brings them into fruition on the bench, working and refining ideas in the process, rather than designing on paper. It is this approach that makes Erin’s work so wearable. Each idea is brought about like a sculpture and thought of in 3D.

"I studied at Sir John Cass Department of Art at London Guildhall University where I learnt the fundamental skills of jewellery making and silversmithing. This rigorous education in traditional skills means that all my work is made to the high standards instilled in me by some wonderful, well respected and inspirational jewellers. I hope they would be proud of every piece I produce"

"Erins designs are so unique and beautiful. You can immediately tell that every single piece has been made with so much love and attention to detail - I would highly recommend!Erin and her team were so incredibly helpful, and were always so friendly, as well as going above and beyond to make sure that I had the perfect pieces for my wedding shoot. A pleasure to work with, and her handmade pieces are simply wonderful to photograph. You will not be disappointed with Erin Cox Jewellery!"

The Team

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Joanna Kendall

Workshop Manager

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Janie Wolverson

Sales, Media & Marketing

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