independent jeweller Issy White at her workbench making bespoke jewellery.

Sussex | Est 2020

Issy White Jewellery

Issy White's handmade jewellery mixes modern aesthetics with organic simplicity. Her work begins with a fragment of Mother Nature, like a delicate piece of tree bark or a recently fallen seed. Working from her studio on the edge of Epping Forest, Issy uses sustainable materials to turn these natural fragments into jewellery that captures the beauty of the world around us.

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Bespoke Jewellery

Issy makes all of her pieces to order at her workshop in Sussex, and lots of her customers ask for bespoke pieces.

Starting at £700
Ready in 6 weeks
1 year warranty
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Profile for independent jeweller Issy White

Jewellery Designer and Maker

Isabel White

Issy White has been studying and making jewellery for almost two decades.

She initially studied Photography at Bournemouth Arts Institute. After graduating with a BA Issy enrolled on various evening courses for jewellery and silversmithing. When she realised that was where her heart lay, she attended Holts Jewellery Academy in Hatton Garden for further training.

She lives on the edge of London and Epping Forest, with her partner and two children (where they spend a great deal of time with their eyes to the ground - searching for fallen treasures).

I just want to say how much I love my pendant. It makes me feel connected to nature in a very special way. I love wearing it – at first I kept running my fingers round the hoop, which gave me a very moving and lovely circle-of-life kind of feeling, and then very soon I just felt as if it had become part of me and I couldn’t actually feel I was wearing it any more. I also love taking it off and poring over its incredible detail – it’s like a fossil, the surface texture is unbelievable on something so fine and delicate. You’ve made it with such love and respect for the natural forms.
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