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Maud Traon Jewellery

Maud Traon is an independent award-winning jeweller based in London. Maud Traon is known for taking an approach to making jewellery that combines vibrant colours and an unusual way of setting stones. The stones are set in a manner that reflects their natural structure, glitter is treated as an equal to precious stones and the object in its entirety appears to have fallen out of a natural wonderland.

Makes Bespoke Jewellery

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Maud TraonEveryday Spiky Ring
Sale price£175.00
Maud TraonSpiky Band
Sale price£350.00
Maud TraonLava Pendant
Sale price£700.00
Maud TraonRough Diamond Solitaire
Sale price£1,750.00
Maud TraonThe Firefly Opal Ring
Sale price£1,650.00
Maud TraonFaux Fur Collar Ring
Sale price£1,100.00
Maud TraonRough Topaz Ring
Sale price£275.00
Maud TraonExplosion Ring
Sale price£950.00
Maud TraonTectonic Ring
Sale price£1,500.00
Maud TraonThailand Pearl Ring
Sale price£2,900.00
Maud TraonChaos Ring
Sale price£1,250.00
Maud TraonBlack Swan Ring
Sale price£950.00

Bespoke Jewellery

Maud makes all of her pieces to order at her workshop in London, and lots of her customers ask for bespoke pieces.

Starting at £250
Ready in 4-6 weeks
6 month warranty
In-person meetings
Free ring resizing
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Maud Traon

Maud's passion for colours and fascination for gems of all kinds has lead her to push the boundaries of contemporary jewellery design. Her pieces are multifaceted fireworks where non-precious and precious stones, sequin and glitter all work in perfect harmony.

Just a quick note to let you know that the ring has arrived safely. It is wonderful, unique and something to treasure thank you so much

Janet C

Ginger model wearing a statement ring by independent jeweller Maud Traon