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Richard Chown Jewellery

Richard Chown is a jewellery sculptor who works with celebrities like Johnny Depp. He works with you to design the ring you didn’t know you were thinking of. Your themes and styles are developed into a design he then micro-sculpts, by hand, in wax and casts into any precious metal with any precious stones.



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Richard ChownRocky Butterfly
Sale priceFrom £3,500.00
Richard ChownRobins Ring
Sale priceFrom £4,500.00
Richard ChownRavens ring
Sale priceFrom £4,000.00
Richard ChownMermaid
Sale priceFrom £2,800.00
Richard ChownKilimanjaro art deco
Sale priceFrom £4,400.00
Richard ChownFlamingos Ring
Sale priceFrom £3,700.00
Richard ChownClifton Suspension Bridge
Sale priceFrom £3,000.00
Richard ChownBlood Drop
Sale priceFrom £1,500.00

Bespoke Jewellery

Richard makes all of his pieces at his workshop in Bexley, and lots of his customers ask for bespoke pieces.

Starting at £1000
Ready in 3 months
2 year warranty
Free ring resizing
In-person meetings

Designer, Maker & Founder

Richard Chown

Richard is a sculptor who started making things smaller and smaller, started putting them on people and then realised that was called jewellery. He got an art degree in silversmithing and blacksmithing, then worked as a secondary school art teacher for a bit before going full time into jewellery making in 2009. It started off as whatever he could sell to support his family, but as he developed he began to be trusted with bespoke work by customers and he's been doing this for over a decade now.

He brings a lot of maths and science to his work, and his sense of beauty is very much to do with the delicate strength and engineering in animals, plants and nature, which he tries to recreate in his work.

His main creative source is always the customer and what is meaningful to them. Stoking his own creative fire with the inspirations and ideas of his clients brings enjoyable new artistic challenges.

I commissioned my partner’s engagement ring from Richard Chown and I’m thrilled with the results. The ring is gorgeous and the process was easy and fun. During our consultation Richard sketched the whole ring and designed a beautiful monogram with all the style references I liked in mind. Details he suggested made the ring extra special and he was great at interpreting exactly the vibe I was going for.Richard made a wax model of my ring and sent pictures to me to make a final check before he made it in metal. When I picked it up I was wowed. This has been the coolest thing I’ve ever spent money on and I can totally recommend Richard; he’s such a talented craftsman and his pieces are awesome.